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AFM Microscopes

Cypher™ S
The highest resolution fast scanning AFM


Cypher ES
  Cypher ES™
Cypher performance with full environmental control
  MFP-3D Infinity™
Endless applications and unlimited potential
  MFP-3D™ Origin
Intersection of performance and affordability
    MFP-3D-BIO   MFP-3D-BIO™
Full-capability AFM integrated with optical microscopy
    MFP-3D Classic
Performance and versatility for mid-range budgets
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GetReal™ Automated
Probe Calibration

Automated Operation for Tapping Mode Imaging in Air
This interface allows you to easily set up and run a sequence of measurements unattended while automatically varying parameters – and without writing any code.
  ARgyle Light™
ARgyle Light™ Advanced 3D Imaging and File Sharing Application. Click here to download sample images for viewing in ARgyle Light.
Advanced, built-in, 3D rendering for both on and off-line analysis.
    Thumbnail Viewer Utility
Visualize experiment files outside the IGOR environment.


ARC2™ Controller
Powerful, all-digital controller


Accessory Overview

MFP-3D™ Options and Accessories Summary




blueDrive™ for Cypher
Photothermal excitation option for simpler, more stable, and more accurate tapping mode imaging in air and liquids.

Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM)
Nanoscale permittivity and conductivity mapping.
  iDrive™ Magnetic Actuated Cantilever Holder
The iDrive accessory simplifies AFM fluid imaging especially for soft samples, and allows autotuning of cantilevers in fluid.
  Piezo Force Module for MFP-3D
Enables Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) for very high sensitivity, high bias and crosstalk-free measurements on piezo materials.

Ztherm™ Modulated Thermal Analysis Option
Ztherm provides highly localized heating with sensitivity to <10-22 liter (sub-zeptoliter) materials property changes, more than an order of magnitude improvement in volume over that previously available with commercial systems

  ORCA™ Conductive AFM Module
Provides low current measurements at a constant applied voltage for electrical characterization.


Closed Fluid Cell
Closed fluid cell for fluid experiments in a completely sealed environment.

Fluid Cell Lite
Economical fluid dish for multi-user facilities.
Thermal control accessory for heating samples to 80°C.
Petri Dish Holder and Heater
Sample holder to accommodate petri dishes for imaging of live and fixed cells. Heating from ambient to 45°C.
Thermal control accessory for heating samples to 300°C.
Heating and cooling from -35°C to +120°C in gas or liquid droplet.
  Humidity Sensing Cell
Humidity sensing accessory for measuring humidity.
EC Cell
Versatile platform for electrochemical experiments.

    MFP-3D™ Extended Head
Extended 40µm Z range head for higher sample features.
Vibration Isolation Tables and Hoods
Hoods and tables for acoustic and floor noise.
  Variable Field Module2
A module for applying in-plane magnetic fields approaching 1 Tesla to the sample while scanning.
  Digital Access Module
A controller accessory for the MFP-3D that opens user access to the digital operations of the Controller.
  NanoRack™ Sample Stretching Stage Accessory for the MFP-3D™
High-strain, high-travel manual stretching stage provides two axis stress control of tensile loaded samples.


Probe Store
A comprehensive Cantilever Guide and online store for purchasing all Olympus, Nanoworld/Nanosensor, and Asylum Research MFM and iDrive cantilevers.



Calibration Standards and Samples
AFM/SPM calibration standards and standardized samples for calibrating your AFM.

  Gold Coated Microscope Slides / DNA Slides
Gold coated glass or mica microscope slides in a variety of coating thicknesses and patterns.
  AR-PPLN Test Sample
For Piezoresponse Force Microscopy.
    Application Kits
Kits with a variety of items for specific application imaging modes.
  Sample Mounts
A variety of sample mounts for use with the MFP-3D System.

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