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Biomedical engineer is developing heart-tissue regeneration process

Forcing the Molecular Bond Issue

Download the technical paper:

"Interpreting the Widespread Nonlinear Force Spectra of Intermolecular Bonds"
Raymond W. Friddle, Aleksandr Noy, and James J. De Yoreo

See Jeremy Levy's inspiring TEDx video on his "Etch-a-Sketh Nanoelectronics" work exploring novel phenomena in solid state systems.

Key to Better Measurement of Picosale Forces

Download the technical paper:

"Routine and Timely Sub-picoNewton Force Stability and Precision for Biological Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy"

New Technique Gives Better Understanding of Human Tissues



Solid-state memories based on ferroelectric tunnel junctions

Mapping nanomechanical properties of live cells using multi-harmonic atomic force microscopy

Heated AFM tip used as voltage tester for the first time

Silicon rival MoS2 promises small, low-energy chips

Microscopy generates a new view of fuel cells

Single Electron Transistor

Low-Power Switching of Phase-Change Materials with Carbon Nanotube Electrodes
F. Xiong, A. Kiao, D. Estrada, E. Pop, UIUC

Carbon Nanotube Science Cover, April 29, 2011 from above paper

PFM hysteresis loops mediated by charge injection

Molybdenite Transistor is a First
B. Radisavljevic, A. Radenovic, J. Brivio, V. Giacometti & A. Kis, EPL

Nature Nanotechnology, "Single-layer MoS2 Transitors"



The Complex Lives of Bubbles Revealed, Ray Dagastine, Univ. of Melbourne

Harvard’s Feinberg images protein nanofabrics on the MRS 2008 show floor with first Cypher system built, as reported in Nano Letters

New book on AFM for Biologists by Morris, Kirby, and Gunning

Scanning Microwave Microscopy with the MFP-3D at ORNL

Paul Ashby at Lawrence Berkely Labs makes “a little less force” work for Imaging Cells with AFM

Jane Clarke, University of Cambridge, Receives the 2010 Biophysical Society US Genomics Award for Outstanding Investigator in the Field of Single Molecule Biology

'Iron Snail' Inspires New Armor
Christine Ortiz, MIT
PNAS, "Protection Mechanisms of the Iron-plated Armor of a Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vent Gastropod"



Chris Orme, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Named APS Fellow

Functional Recognition Imaging Using Artificial Neural Networks: Applications to Rapid Cellular Identification Via Broadband Electromechanical Response
M.P. Nikiforov1, V. V. Reukov2, G. L. Thompson2, A. A. Vertegel2, S. Guo1, S. V. Kalinin1 and S. Jesse1 
1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), 2 Department of Bioengineering, Clemson University

Self-assembly Used to Make Molecule-sized Particles with Patches of Charge
Dennis Discher, University of Pennsylvania

"Tiny Technologies Could Produce Big Energy Solutions"
Z.L. Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Penn’s Nano/Bio Interface Center Awarded $11.5 Million to Advance Nanoscale Research in Biological Systems"
D. Bonnell, Y. Goldman, University of Pennsylvania

Asylum Users Featured in September MRS Bulletin, Electromechanics on the Nanometer Scale: Emerging Phenomena, Devices and Applications. Articles by Asylum users Dawn Bonnell, Alexei Gruverman, Stephen Jesse, and Sergei Kalinin.

Dr. Lyubov Belova wins distinguished FEMS Lecturer Award for excellence in materials science and engineering.

DNA "Scaffolding" Builds Tiny Circuit Boards
Ryan J. Kershner, Luisa D. Bozano, Christine M. Micheel, Albert M. Hung, Ann R. Fornof, Jennifer N. Cha, Charles T. Rettner, Marco Bersani, Jane Frommer, Paul W. K. Rothemund, and Gregory M. Wallraff. (Collaboration between IBM and California Institute of Technology. See paper for affiliations.)
Nature Nanotechnology, “Placement and orientation of individual DNA shapes on lithographically patterned surfaces”

Plastics That Convert Light To Electricity Could Have A Big Impact
Liam Pingree, Obadiah G. Reid, David Ginger, University of Washington
Nano Letters, "Imaging the Evolution of Nanoscale Photocurrent Collection and Transport Networks during Annealing of Polythiophene/Fullerene Solar Cells"

Tapping into bioelectricity
B. Rodriguez, Conway Institute, UCD; S. Kalinin and S. Jesse, ORNL; S. Habelitz, UCSF
Nanotechnology, "Intermittent contact mode piezoresponse force microscopy in a liquid environment"

Pitt researchers create atomic-sized one-stop shop for nanoelectronics, from processors to sensors
Jeremy Levy, University of Pittsburgh
Science, "Oxide nanoelectronics on demand"

Electrical scanning probe microscopy on active organic electronic devices
David Ginger, University of Washington

Mechanically interlocked calix[4]arene dimers display reversible bond breakage under force
Andreas Jansoff, University of Mainz
Nature Nanotechnology

Asylum MFP-3D AFM used in first measurements of repulsive Casimir forces
Jeremy Munday, Cal Institute of Technology
Nature Cover Story

Article Summary
Full Nature Paper



Nanotechnology in biology: big collaborations for a small world
Dennis Discher and Yale Goldman, University of Pennsylvania

Scanning probe microscope works out solar cell profiles
David Ginger, University of Washington Dept. of Chemistry

High resolution surface potential imaging with ultrasharp carbon nanotubes
Minhua Zhao, NIST/NIH

Atomic force pencil writes nanochannels
Atomic Etch A Sketch
Jeremy Levy, University of Pittsburgh

A storage technology that breaks Moore's Law

Silica smart bombs deliver knock-out to bacteria
Mark Schoenfisch Lab, UNC

Nanophotos rival modern art
Violet Navarro, University of Madrid



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