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Dry Sample Thermal Accessory for the MFP-3D™ AFM

The PolyHeater is a thermal accessory that allows controlled heating of dry samples from ambient to 300°C. The PolyHeater is designed for imaging and measurements in ambient air and is ideal for materials science samples such as polymers, thin films and others.

The PolyHeater heating stage is a metal stage embedded in ceramic and high performance plastic. The heating stage can be used with a standard cantilever holder for heating up to 250°C. For experiments between 250° and 300°C, the Asylum Research PEEK™ cantilever holder is also included. Sample temperature can be maintained to better than 0.2°C precision with accuracy to 0.5°C. Typical temperature overshoots are less than 0.2°C.

The sample stage accepts magnetic AFM mounting discs and has clips and threaded holes for other sample mounting methods. Sample mounts of 12mm in diameter are recommended. Sample thicknesses to 2mm are supported. There are four 1/16" ports which can be used for inert gas purging or electrical connections to the sample. The cell can be fully sealed with a membrane that is included with the kit. Thicker samples of 5-10mm are possible when the cell is not sealed. The maximum coarse sample translation is 10mm.

Environmental Controller – Closed Loop Accuracy
The PolyHeater requires the Environmental Controller, a state-of-the-art digital controller (purchased separately). The built-in microprocessor maintains closed loop performance independent of the AFM controller. All control and measurement functions are fully programmable through the software interface, including built-in capability for temperature ramps. Fully integrated temperature information is stored with each AFM image. SmartStart™ allows plug and play operation without the use of parameter files.



PolyHeater – Model PHEAT

The PolyHeater includes the Heating Stage, PEEK Cantilever Holder, and a variety of accessories for installation and imaging. Requires the Environmental Controller (purchased separately).

PolyHeater Heating Stage with sample mount 1
PEEK Cantilever Holder 1
Clamp assembly 1
Membranes/bellows (Viton®) 4
Membrane threaded clamp 1
1/16" PFA tubing 5'
12mm cover slips 10
12mm sample discs 10
Sample clip holders 5
Teflon® port plugs 10
Leitsilber conductive paint 1
A variety of replacement O-rings  
Assembly tools and tweezers  

Temperature control
- Heats from ambient to 250°C with standard cantilever holder
- Heats to 300°C with PEEK holder
- 0.2°C precision and 0.5°C accuracy; 0.2° overshoot

Gas flow through

20mm diameter stainless steel sample mount

Sample size
- Maximum 20mm in diameter; 12mm recommended
- 2mm thickness
- 10mm coarse sample translation

Four 1/16" diameter access ports

- Swab with alcohol; do not immerse in fluid

Environmental Controller – Model ENVIRO

• Closed loop operation
• SmartStart for plug and play operation
• Operates at 110 or 220 VAC
• CE tested
• Built-in microprocessor for temperature control
• Fully programmable through the MFP-3D software

MFP-3D, PolyHeater and SmartStart are trademarks of Asylum Research. Other trademarks are those of their respective owners. Specifications and kit items subject to change without notice.



Download PolyHeater PDF


Download PolyHeater for the
MFP-3D Origin PDF



High Voltage Compatible


The PolyHeater sample stage allow easy sample mounting.



The Environmental Controller, with closed loop operation, ensures accuracy and precision.



Schematic of PolyHeater assembly.



Syndiotactic polypropylene melted to 160°C, then allowed to crystallize at 105°C. The initial image (top left) shows cooling after approximately five minutes. The remaining images show the crystallization process occurring after the amount of time shown, 80µm scans.






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