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The NanomechPro™ Toolkit
Nanomechanical AFM Techniques
for Diverse Materials

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Nanoscale mechanical properties are a key consideration in many applications. Asylum Research offers a variety of complementary AFM techniques in our NanomechPro™ Toolkit that let you measure everything from cells to ceramics. This collection can accurately evaluate a wide range of nanomechanical behavior including viscoelastic properties, adhesive forces, and hardness. The multiple techniques offer greater flexibility for different applications and allow deeper insight through comparison of results.




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Table 1: Comparison of techniques as implemented by Asylum Research in the NanomechPro Toolkit. The approximate elastic modulus range of applicability is shown for each mode, where the dots represent orders of magnitude in storage modulus E’ from 1 kPa to 100 GPa. Image acquisition times are given for readily achievable scan or ramp rates and assume the use of small cantilevers for techniques based on tapping mode. Actual speeds may be faster or slower depending on many factors. Note that AM-FM and Contact Resonance modes are the only techniques listed that can quantitatively measure both the elastic response (E’) and viscous response (loss modulus, E” or loss tangent, tan δ).


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