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MFP-1D™ Force Measurement Instrument

Setting the Standard for PicoNewton Measurements


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The MFP-1D is a single axis force curve tracer designed specifically for soft samples and has set the industry standard for picoNewton force measurements. The technology is based around a micro-machined flexible cantilever with a sharp tip that deflects in response to the small forces between the cantilever tip and a sample. When a single molecule is tethered between the tip and sample, the MFP-1D acts as a nanoscale elasticity measurement device.

The MFP-1D gives a bottom-up view of the tip and sample through a transparent sample support such as a microscope slide or a petri dish. With diffraction-limited detection optics, the MFP-1D is compatible with current and next generation smaller microfabricated cantilevers. The near infrared superluminescent diode avoids interference with optical measurements such as fluorescence so that simultaneous optical and force measurements can be made.

The MFP-1D software runs on the IGOR Pro platform, an open platform that allows easy customization. Features include built-in cantilever calibration, and graphing, Quicktime® movies, and publishing capabilities. With noise performance that is the lowest in the industry, the MFP-1D is the most sensitive, powerful and flexible instrument for your force measurements.



The MFP-1D Inverted Optical model allows simultaneous force and optical measurements such as fluorescence, epi-transmission, etc.

Tethered molecule of
Lambda Digest DNA.

Thermal calibration of spring
constants is easy and precise.


MFP-1D Features Performance Benefits
NPS Sensor Corrects for piezo hysteresis and creep with the lowest noise levels, <0.2nm Z (Adev) and sensor non-linearity <0.1 % (Adev/Full travel) in a 0.1-1kHz bandwidth. It is 5X more sensitive than competing AFMs for force measurements.
Unique Optical Lever Design Low coherence, near IR light source and diffraction limited optics virtually eliminate interference with noise <0.03nm.
Software User-programmable based in IGOR Pro. Built-in graphing, page layout and Quicktime movie capabilities. Built-in cantilever calibration.
Stand Alone Base Bottom view optics for easy tip positioning and sample viewing.
Inverted Optical Base Simultaneous optical (fluorescence, epi-transmission, etc.) and force measurements. Compatible with Olympus IX70/71, Nikon TE200/300/2000, and Zeiss 200 inverted optical microscopes.
Sample Supports Petri dishes (35 mm to 85 mm), microscope slides, coverslips and others. Gold slides are available through Asylum Research.

For the full text brochure, download the PDF copy of the MFP-1D Brochure.


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