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MFP-3D Application Kits for AFM Imaging


Asylum Research offers a variety of Application Kits for various AFM imaging modes. These kits provide users with all the accessories needed to successfully perform a specific imaging method. Each kit includes cantilevers specifically suited for the application work, a sample with a reference image, technical notes, and may also include other application-specific items.


Phase Imaging

  • 10 AC240-TS cantilevers
  • 10 AC160-TS cantilevers
  • SEBS sample

Spring Constant Calibration

  • Cantilever selection of two each, pre-calibrated AC160-TS, AC240-TS and Bio-Levers
  • Tungsten spheres for Added Mass method
  • Sader Method IGOR software add-on

DNA Force Curve and Imaging

  • 2 bare mica slides
  • 1 DNA coated mica slide
  • 5 ml of imaging buffer (5mM NiCl2, 40mM HEPES, pH 6.8 buffer)
  • 3 silicon nitride cantilevers, Model TR400PB (use the short, 100µm long cantilever)
  • 1ml of DNA solution (1ng/µl) in imaging buffer (Ni2+ buffer), ready to use.
  • 50µl of DNA solution (100ng/µl) in a TE buffer. This buffer will preserve the DNA molecules longer than if they were stored/diluted in the imaging buffer.
  • 1 dessicant bag for storage


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