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Gold Coated Microscope Slides and DNA Imaging Kit

Asylum Research provides a wide variety of gold coated microscope substrates. Specifications include:

  • All slide dimensions are 3 x 1 inches, 1mm thick.
  • These slides are not compatible with critical clean room environments.
  • Slides are autoclavable.
  • See new AR gold substrates - now available unmounted, glass mounted, and 15mm puck mounted
  • All ARGOLD items are 10mm x 10mm square glass coated with 500 angstrom gold deposition.








Model Type Au Coating Transparency Part Number Price
ARGOLD-UM   Square 500Å Semi-transparent 900.247 $40
ARGOLD-GS   Square 500Å Semi-transparent 900.248 $50
ARGOLD-15MM   Square 500Å Non-transparent 900.249 $50

Kit includes two uncoated mica slides and one DNA coated mica slide, 2ml of DNA solution in a HEPES-NiCl buffer for stable imaging and force curves and 5ml of buffer, enough DNA solution for 10-15 experimental runs. Useful for characterizing the stability, spatial and force resolution for fluid imaging using AFM or force experiments. Instructions for use and example data are included. Sample must be refrigerated. $675 includes FedEx priority shipping. US phone or fax orders only.

820.015 $675


Care and Cleaning of Gold Slides

  • Handle slides with latex gloves, picking them up carefully around the edges. Because the gold is very soft, it comes off fairly easily. If fingerprints get on the slides, wipe them off very lightly with an optical wipe dunked in high purity alcohol. Slides should be kept covered in their original box.

  • We do not recommend cleaning or re-using slides. Should the slides be cleaned, we are not responsible if the gold is removed.


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Custom Orders

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