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GetReal™ Automated Probe Calibration

Because some things shouldn't be measured in Volts


In the world of atomic force microscopy (AFM), many of us are accustomed to seeing the cantilever deflection, amplitude, and force measured in Volts. That’s because the conventional process to calibrate the cantilever is not trivial, requires a stiff sample, and poses some risk of damage to the tip. Asylum Research’s GetReal automated probe calibration feature, exclusive to our MFP-3D™ and Cypher™ families of AFMs, makes this calibration simple, safe, and accurate.

  • Simple − pick, click, get InvOLS and k

  • Safe − protects tip sharpness

  • Accurate − fully calibrated cantilever deflection

  • Free − for new and existing Asylum AFMs


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Download GetReal Datasheet (603 KB)

Watch the GetReal Video Tutorial

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