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Cypher S Options and
Accessories Summary


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Advanced Application Options


ORCA™ Conductive AFM

ORCA provides conductive AFM imaging and I-V measurement capabilities. The standard module is capable of measuring currents from ~1pA to 20nA. The kit includes a sample mount, conductive AFM probes, and accessories. Modules for different current ranges are available upon request. Also available as a dual gain version for expanded range.




High Voltage Piezoresponse Force
Microscopy (HV-PFM)

The HV-PFM option enables high sensitivity, high bias, and crosstalk-free measurements on piezoelectrics, including ferroelectrics and multiferroics. The kit includes an integrated high voltage amplifier (±150V), high voltage cantilever holder, high voltage sample mount, and conductive cantilevers.




Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM)

sMIM enables nanoscale permittivity and conductivity mapping, measuring DC capacitance, DC resistance, dC/dV, and dR/dV. It can operate on a wide range of sample types including metals, semiconductors, and insulators.



blueDrive™ Photothermal Excitation

blueDrive makes tapping mode imaging simpler, more stable, and more quantitative. blueDrive produces an almost ideal cantilever response by directly exciting the cantilever photothermally. This provides significant ease of use and performance benefits for imaging topography, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties in air and liquids.




Contact Resonance Viscoelastic Mapping Mode

The Contact Resonance option provides wide-band, frequency-independent excitation of the sample, enabling a variety of contact resonance techniques. With exclusive Asylum modes like Dual AC™ Resonance Tracking (DART) and Band Excitation, these methods allow quantitative mapping of material properties including both elasticity and viscoelastic damping.




AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping Mode

AM-FM mode combines the features and benefits of normal tapping mode with Frequency Modulation (FM) mode. Normal tapping mode provides non-invasive, high-resolution topographical imaging while the second mode drive frequency is adjusted to keep it on resonance. The second mode resonance is a sensitive measure of the tip-sample interaction, and can be used with appropriate mechanical models to quantitatively estimate both the elastic and loss moduli of the material and the tip-sample dissipation.




Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)

The STM option provides tunneling current imaging at constant current or constant height, and I-V measurement capability. The kit includes STM probes, STM probe holder with integral preamp (~1pA to 10nA; other modules for different current ranges are available upon request), and a 500MΩ test resistor.





Temperature Control



Air Temperature Controller (ATC)

The ATC flows temperature regulated, HEPA filtered air through the Cypher enclosure. Closed-loop temperature control isolates the AFM from room temperature variations, minimizing thermal drift for imaging and force curves. The temperature control system is controlled via a graphical user interface within the Asylum Research software.



Laser Modules


MultiLux™ Laser Modules

Cypher offers four Laser Modules, one of which is included with initial system purchase. It is possible to add any of the following additional laser modules to enhance the capabilities of the Cypher:

  • Standard Laser Module: RF-modulated laser diode light source module with nominal 10µm x 30µm focused spot size. Recommended for all AC-mode imaging. (Model LD-STD)

  • Small Spot Laser Module: RF-modulated laser diode light source module with nominal 3µm x 9µm focused spot size. Recommended for all AC-mode imaging with small cantilevers. (Model LD-SS)

  • Standard SLD Module: Superluminescent Diode (SLD) light source with nominal 10µm x 30µm focused spot size. Recommended for all contact mode and force measurements. (Model SLD-STD)

  • Small Spot SLD Module: SLD light source with nominal 3µm x 9µm focused spot size. Recommended for contact mode and force measurements using small cantilevers. (Model SLD-SS)


Cantilever and Sample Holders






Air Cantilever Holder

The air cantilever holder is used for all ambient environment imaging. In addition to AC mode and contact mode, it can be used for many other modes such as EFM, MFM, LFM, SKPM, PFM, FM-AFM and many others. This item is included with initial system purchase.



Droplet Cantilever Holder Kit

The droplet cantilever holder is used for all fluid measurement. It includes a low-evaporation chamber to minimize evaporation during longer term imaging sessions. The holder can be fully disassembled for cleaning.



Vertical Sample Clamp

This sample clamp allows sectioned, micro-cryotomed and other samples to be firmly held for a variety of AFM measurements.  Compatible with the Cypher AFM and the sample puck holder on the MFP-3D AFM.  For samples 0-2mm thick.




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