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ARgyle Light™ – Advanced 3D Image Rendering
and File Sharing Application

Asylum Research has developed ARgyle Light, a standalone application that allows Asylum Research AFM system users to render and share their image files outside the instrument’s IGOR Pro native operating environment. The application is offered free of charge to all Asylum Research users and colleagues.

Advanced 3D Rendering in an Easy-to-Use Interface
ARgyle Light is a standalone OpenGL® application that easily installs on any Windows 2000 or XP-based computer. Once installed, users can open any Asylum Research image file (IBW file) that has been created within the MFP-3D IGOR Pro environment. ARgyle Light will import all the channel data and parameters for offline image rendering and exporting. It has the same powerful rendering tools found in the native software for creating stunning AFM images with numerous controls in an easy-to-use interface.

  • Viewing and Scaling Options for Added Visual Depth of Your Images
    ARgyle Light’s advanced controls (see control bar below) allow you to adjust your viewing position and scale your data to achieve optimal display of rendered images in three dimensions (3D). A variety of options are provided to give your acquired images more depth and visual appearance.

  • Rotation, pitch, zoom, and panning controls provide the ability to see your image from any angle and position.

  • Z axis controls allow adjustment of range and offset in an easy and interactive manner to scale your data for optimal display.

  • Aspect ratio controls use logical axis scaling in Z to magnify, reduce, or match physical dimensions at 1:1.

  • Axis labels, boundary boxes, tick marks, and color bars assist as visual aids to display dimensions of the sample.

  • Stereo anaglyph support is included to project your renderings with depth when viewed with red/cyan glasses.

  • Lighting, Color, and Palette Options Enhance Image Details
    Just as lighting and color bring out detailed structure in everyday objects, ARgyle Light presents options to fully interact with various properties related to illumination of the AFM image. The combination of color mapping, lighting position, and control of material properties bring out qualities in your data that would normally go unnoticed.

  • A spotlight can be enabled and rotated in a virtual sphere around the sample to illuminate it from any angle.

  • A rich selection of color palettes are offered for mapping your channel data. Options are included to make a color negative of the selected palette or flip it.

  • Specular lighting with intensity control can be enabled to give your data a shiny appearance. Higher frequency surface features will become more apparent when reflective properties are applied.

  • Lighting and background colors may also be changed allowing you to match styles such as those in presentations.

Overlay Options for Data Fusion
Your images contain multiple channels gathered during AFM data acquisition as well as post processed channels. These channels represent height, phase, amplitude, magnetic, and electrical measurements along with other custom inputs. Our unique data channel overlay enables correlation of data from two different channels allowing the user to yield more information about the sample.

  • Color information from a channel, such as phase, may be overlaid on an alternate channel to establish a relation between the datasets.

  • Independent scaling of overlaid data allows separate control of range and offset from the channel being covered.

More Advanced Features –
Exporting, Preferences and Information Display

Once your viewing, scaling, and lighting conditions have been optimized, you can take a snapshot and copy it to the clipboard or save it in a standard graphic file format. A channel export option can easily export data for separate analysis into third party software programs. In addition, application preferences, onscreen help, image acquisition parameters, and more are all available.

  • Renderings may be exported to clipboard or saved as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF.

  • Data channel export saves data into IGOR ASCII text format for easy parsing and importing into other analysis programs.

  • A preferences dialog presents options for setting program defaults, colors, and startup conditions.

  • Onscreen text display of commands and viewing conditions is available.

  • Display acquisition parameters in a dialog and copy them to the clipboard.

View all Your IBW Files Outside of IGOR with the Thumbnail Viewer
Included with the ARgyle Light application is the Thumbnail Viewer. The Thumbnail Viewer is a separate utility that allows you to graphically display scanned images and force plots as thumbnails and icons of image data in the Windows environment. These images, along with other critical data from the .ibw files can be viewed in Windows without the need to open them in IGOR Pro or in ARgyle Light. This utility allows users a unique way to visually differentiate, sort, search and organize their experiment data files.

  • Thumbnails and icon display modes are configured from theView menu. Choices include Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, or Details.

  • “Infotips” display the scan size, direction, mode, points and number of channels when the mouse hovers over the file.

  • “Details View” information is displayed in columnar format with user selectable parameters for the columns. (ie. scan size, scan points, scan direction, channels, imaging mode, etc.). Files may be sorted by column header in ascending or descending order.

  • “File Properties” dialog shows larger views of the different data channels from the Asylum Research tab. Name/Value pairs from the note are shown in a scrollable listbox.


Video cards:
NVIDIA and ATI recommended for best performance.

Installation size:
Installation size 690KB, standalone viewer is 510KB.

Files supported:
Asylum Research system files with the .IBW extension. The Asylum Research system software is based in IGOR Pro by Wavemetrics, a powerful, customizable data acquisition and analysis program.

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