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DOPC:DPPC lipid bilayer imaged using blueDrive photothermal excitation

Lipid bilayers consisting of 50:50 DOPC and DPPC were deposited on mica and imaged in water using blueDrive photothermal excitation and tapping mode on a Cypher S AFM with an Olympus AC40 cantilever. The 2048 x 2048 pixel image was collected at a line scan rate of 3.2Hz. Image size 3µm.

This lipid mixture is known to be sensitive to small temperature perturbations near room temperature, as the transition temperatures for DOPC and DPPC are -17°C and 41°C, respectively. The ability to image the sample using blueDrive without affecting its structure is a strong indicator that the blue laser does not significantly heat the sample under these conditions.



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