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AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping Mode

  • Quantitatively maps both the storage modulus (elastic response) and loss modulus or loss tangent (viscous response) with nanoscale resolution
  • Based on tapping mode, so it’s gentle and high resolution
  • Covers the widest range of modulus (<1 MPa to >200 GPa)
  • The only nanomechanical imaging mode compatible with small cantilevers for fast scanning (>20 Hz)
  • Works in both gas and liquid environments
  • Exclusively available from Asylum Research, US patents 8,024,963, 7,937,991, 7,603,891, 7,921,466 and 7,958,563 with others pending



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Images of a thin polymer film composed of polystyrene (E~3 GPa) and polycaprolactone (E~0.5 GPa).



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