Asylum Research

Cypher™ Family of AFMs
Choose a Cypher model for small samples and highest resolution, video-rate / fast scanning, environmental control in gas and liquids and incredible ease-of use

MFP-3D™ Family of AFMs
Choose an MFP-3D for large samples, high performance and versatility, the widest range of accessories and scan modes, and for models for every budget

Cypher VRS Video Rate AFM

The first and only full-featured video-rate AFM<

MFP-3D Infinity

The flagship of the family with endless potential and unlimited applications

MFP-3D Origin+

Extensive capabilities with a ride range of accessories at the price of most low-cost AFMs
MFP-3D Origin
The best place to start with AFM at the lowest cost

Cypher S

The base model that's now more affordable than ever

Full capabilities on an optical microscope


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Cypher Cypher